Spirulina Production & Training Farm

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Spirulina Products

Spriulina Shampoo

Revolutionnary shampoo with spirulina, chamomile, rosmarin and lime. It encourages the regrowth of the hair, prevents from the hair yellowing often seen in the summer, and brightens, softens and refreshes the hair. As the water from the sea or from swimming pools, associated with the sun rays, often damage the hair, an adapted shampoo is essential. And since the hair can be harmed all year long, you might as well use this shampoo every day.

Active Principles

Spirulina: contributes to the regrowth of your hair through its action of the keratin production

Rosmarin: stimulates and refreshes your scalp

Chamomile water: softens your hair

100% natural ingredients and 12% organic

Directions For Use

Apply on wet hair, massage and rinse with water.