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Spriulina Hair Oil

Spirulina is a wonderful natural soap colorant to infuse into one of your liquid oils. Using a spirulina infused oil will prevent any scratchy feeling from occurring in your soap that can sometimes be present when adding a powdered botanical directly to your batch.

If you don't want to infuse, keep reading below as we have plenty of information on adding the spirulina directly to your batch at trace! Although I always recommend infusing spirulina, you can still achieve lovely results from adding powdered spirulina directly to your batch.

Yes, it really helps. Spirulina is a nature's powerhouse having many many health benefits. The list explains some of the health benefits of Spirulina but there are many more which may not be listed because of shortage of space !!

Alternately, if you don't have a crock-pot, you can always create your infused oil by adding the botanical and your liquid oil to a regular pot and applying heat via your cook-top burner. Just use the lowest heat setting possible and be sure to carefully monitor this infusion to make sure it doesn't get too hot.

As the botanical and oil simmers, the oil will gradually turn the color produced from your botanical. This now colored oil is then used in your recipe as usual, producing a magnificent hue! Keep in mind that before using your infused oil, the left over botanical particles should be removed from the oil using a fine strainer or cheese cloth so that none of the scratchy plant matter will be added to your soap.

I usually allow my infusions to take place for about 2 hours in my crock-pot on a low heat setting. The longer you allow your botanical to infuse, the darker the infusion will be. Keeping your infusion times consistent will obviously give you more consistent coloring results.

For each of our spirulina soap making experiments within this tutorial, I will be using the following cold process soap recipe:

Olive Oil = 10.5 Ounces (50% of total oils)

Coconut Oil (76 Degree) = 5.25 Ounces (25% of total oils)

Palm Oil RBD = 4.2 Ounces (20% of total oils)

Castor Oil = 1.05 Ounces (5% of total oils)

Lye = 84 Grams

Water = 8 Ounces

This recipe has a 5% super fat.