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Health Benefits of Spirulina

Health Benefits of Spirulina

You hear the term “superfood” used all the time lately, but there are few foods that fit this categorization as perfectly as spirulina.

It’s a nutritious food that also happens to be beneficial to your health in a variety of different ways.

It can be an excellent protein source and it may also give you your daily dose of nutrients—not many foods can say that, but this is what helps to set spirulina apart from all the other superfoods!

The health benefits are impossible to ignore because they are so strong; therefore, it’s important to understand them fully.

This is the type of food that you want to add to your diet each and every day.

Rich in Protein

Besides the fact that spirulina contains 50%-70% protein by weight, it also contains all of the essential amino acids (1).

While some studies state that a lot of spirulina is needed to satisfy your daily requirements of protein, other studies claim that just two tablespoons are sufficient to substitute protein in a meal (2, 3).

Even though these are highly potent algae, they are not likely to substitute your meal when it comes to protein.

Plus, it is very expensive, costing about 30 times as much as milk or meat per gram (4).

For this reason, it may not be practical to have spirulina as the main protein source.

Instead, try other protein-based sources like whole grains, quinoa, legumes, and nuts.

Spirulina Health Benefits..,

Boosts the immunes system & more energy

Anti diabets-cancer-fungal & aging

Helps purify the liver & blood sugar control

Fights against fatigue and stress

Promotes natural cleansing and detoxification

Balances body PH level (slightly alkaline ph 7.4)

Helps increase hemoglobin and prevent anemia

Promotes healthy and glowing skin

Promoting weight loss & lowers blood pressure

Protecting eyesight & improving brain function

Improves sexual healthfor both men & women

Maintains a healthy heart & obesity in children

Lowers chance of stroke & increases metablism

Reduces pain sensitivity - cholesterol & hairfalls